La Manufacture Royaletm

Montolieu, is a classic French village from the 12th century on located in the Languedoc. It lies on a narrow plateau between two streams; l’Alzeau and la Dure at 170m above sea level. Montolieu is at 8 miles north east from Carcassonne. The town grew up in the 17th through 19th centuries with the ‘Manufacturie Royal’ the Royal wool Mill. This project was requested by king Louis XV and realized by Colbert (minister of Finances).

Since 1990 Montolieu became an officially designated Historic Book Village (only 3 of them in France) and graphic arts. It is a good place to browse through old books. There are around 15 bookshops in the village, as well as a museum and the possibility to learn about bookbinding.

Montolieu is a village of narrow streets, stone houses and shops. There are a mixture of shops catering to the book trade, and the typical shops of a French village…the grocer’s, the baker’s, a swimming pool, two museums, camping and a tennis field…without to forget a wine cellar to taste local wines.

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