La Manufacture Royaletm welcome

…Our love of France, the Mediterranean climate, freedom, space and more time for each other – all of this and the ambition to be able to share our house with others was the reason we embarked on this project….

la Manufacture Royale

Was built in 1739 by King Louis XV and was formerly used for the manufacture of royal linen. This imposing building is located in one of the tiny medieval streets of the charming and historic village of Montolieu. Montolieu is also known as  'book village’

In 2003 la Manufacture Royale became a comfortable holiday house providing a variety of accommodation to suit all tastes; apartments, studios, and rooms.

Most of the features of the building have been kept in their original state. We have a monumental stone staircase, all rooms have high ceilings, and we have several marble- and chestnut open fire places, a wonderful living room and an impressive vaulted cellar. There are stone slabs on the floors throughout.

La Manufacture has been restored. The result is a beautiful mixture of modern design, vintage pieces of furniture and baroque details.

There are colourful fresh flower displays throughout the building and a small hip boutique.

The front of the building is still in the original state but will maybe restored at a later stage.

Free WIFI access is available for all our guests.

We hope to make you very welcome !

Bart & Marieke DE JONGE

SAS Montolieu1739 - 16 Impasse de la Manufacture - 11170 - MONTOLIEU - FRANCE

tel. +33 (0)4 68 24 89 67 - Mobile: +33 (0)6 32 85 17 85 -

n° siret: 839 055 688 00015 / N° TVA: FR04 839055688